"Take A Look Around, Put the Guns Down"

There is a new wave of women entrepreneurs and I am LOVING every moment! As a child, I admired women moguls and often wondered why there weren’t as many women as men. The older I got, the stronger the urge became to BE one of those women. I wasn’t sure how, when or why. I just knew it involved a microphone and a team of kick a** individuals.

Singing wasn’t my strong suit, although, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the Gladys Knight of my Pips.

As I struggled to find my niche, I drew inspiration from women such as Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks. They built empires, raised children and had snatched waistlines, who WASN’T checking for them? One thing that I noticed about some of the most influential women of all time was that they gave me, and millions of other women hope, inspiration and encouragement.

As I continued to build and grow my brand, I noticed that I had a huge amount of support from individuals JUST LIKE ME, and much like the people I admired growing up, I wanted to help others. I began to donate my time, energy and knowledge to help other to succeed at becoming and building their own personal brands.

One thing that I encourage people to do with their brand is to be UNIQUELY them! WHATEVER their truth is, I ask them to stand in it, believe in it and yell it from a rooftop!!

I had the opportunity to chat with entertainment mogul, Diamond P. Known for her amazing resistance and not limiting herself or her brand, Diamond P has made tremendous strides on not only her platform, but in her personal life as well.

“Take a look around, put the guns down” is more than just a slogan for Diamond P. After losing her son to a senseless act of gun violence, Diamond P has dedicated her voice and platform to raising awareness and using her voice to encourage the communities around her to stop the violence.

Knowing that one person can make a difference, Diamond P will be traveling from city to city advocating against gun violence and helping survivors and the families of gun victims. Hop in as we chat with an amazing woman with a voice and a legacy that is meant to be heard!

Bunnie – Thank you for hopping into The Bunnie Hole! For my followers who may not be familiar with you, please introduce yourself and your platform!

Diamond P – Hey! Thank you so much for having me on! I appreciate you! My name is Diamond P! I am what I like to call the Jane of all Trades! I have done radio, acting amongst other things! As of late, I am dedicating my voice to “Look Around, Put the guns down”.

Bunnie- Oh wow! That’s such a powerful statement! I know there has been a lot of violence here in my city (Detroit) as well as all over. Is there any reason your speaking out?

Diamond P - Yes, I just recently lost my son to gun violence. Although I can’t speak on the circumstances, it was a senseless act of violence. We always say that a situation is sad or that we wish we can do something about it until it hits close to home. Then you realize that you HAVE to do something about it, because it DID hit home.

Bunnie – I am so sorry for your loss! It makes me so sad that there Is so much violence and so little people speaking out about it! I admire you for your strength and perseverance to not only continue, but to tell his legacy in hopes of hoping someone else. This is beautiful and very much needed.

Diamond P – Thank you so much. I appreciate you. Yes, it is most definitely needed. One thing that I want to speak on is that even though gun violence affects a lot of our men, there is usually some type of involvement with a woman. A huge part of what I will be advocating will be for the women, especially the young ones. They often don’t realize the impact they have over these young men, and we must take control of it. We can control so much of the narrative and so man don’t even realize it!

Bunnie – Wow! I guess I never really looked at it from that angle! A lot of the situations we hear about do involve women and we don’t realize it until too late. Reminds me of that movie ChiRaq where the women cut the men off from sex until they put their guns down! I mean, I know realistically that won’t happen, but the symbolism is everything.

Diamond P – Yes! We have more control over it than a lot of people think! We can be so powerful and not even realize it!

Bunnie – Yes! I agree! Do you plan on taking the “Take a look around, put the guns down” on tour? We would love to help you host one here! This is definitely a message we support and would love to get behind you.

Diamond P – Eventually we would love to do that! We will be having our first speaking engagement in October, after that we will be working on spreading awareness!

Bunnie – Aside from “Look Around, Put the Guns down” what other projects do you have going on?

Diamond P – I will be releasing my book soon! It will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. A lot of people talk about being transparent and the work they put in behind the scene. I am showing it all!! I also am working on a weave line. I don’t like to restrict myself to just one lane or genre, I like to do it all!

Bunnie – Where can we find you?

Diamond P - Twitter.com/therealdiamondp Facebook.com/diamondp675 Instagram.com/darealdiamondp

Bunnie – I just want to thank you for hopping into The Bunnie Hole! We look forward to seeing you and supporting you with all you do!

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