I will NOT apologize...

YUCK!! I thought I had to apologize for EVERYTHING. I was a habitual apologizer... Is that a thing? Well it is now.

I apologized for spilling coffee. Not moving fast enough. I would apologize for not texting fast enough because I was driving. I was driving myself (and others) insane. I had to learn that everything is NOT in my control and I don't have to apologize for them.

I felt, in some way, shape or form that if I apologized for it, everything would be ok and we can move on. I didn't realize that I was only enabling myself to be an apologetic person. In reality, I AM NOT.

I do NOT apologize for who I am because I am FREAKING amazing. I mean, if I did something worthy of apologizing for then absolutely. Learning the difference in taking responsibility and apologizing habitually was probably one of the most annoying and self-healing processes I have ever experienced.

I had to apologize to MYSELF because that's the only person that I owe it to. (Again, unless I did something worth apologizing for) I felt and still feel a renewed sense of self and a new desire to more because I am UNAPOLOGETIC on my journey of finding my voice

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